Facilities Engineering


  • Facility Consolidation Studies
  • Make/Buy Analysis
  • Due Diligence for Facility Acquisition
  • Supply Chain Strategies
  • Materials Planning
  • Warehouse and Storage Requirements
  • Phased Facility Planning
  • Block Layout Development
  • Preliminary Budget and Schedule Development


Process Equipment

  • Work Cell Integration
  • Tooling and Equipment Detailed Layouts
  • Material Display
  • Ergonomic Assist Devices
  • Layout Managerment

  • Building size and Configuration
  • Building Functional Specifications
  • Site Requirements
  • Foundation/Pit Requirements

  • Raw and Finished Goods Sq./Ft. Requirements
  • Material Handling Methods/Design
  • Kitting and sequencing area design
  • Indirect Maintenance and Support area design


  • Overall Project Management/Contractor Coordination
  • Critical Path Scheduling
  • Rolls and Responsibilities Matrix Development
  • Budget Management
  • Daily contractor meetings
  • On-site Project Administration
  • Equipment start-up/debug support
  • Operator Training
  • Program close-out and Commissioning

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