Lean Manufacturing

TPT provides a comprehensive range of process and quality optimization services to help businesses achieve successful outcomes for their consulting engagements. Our approach follows a standardized path for each client, ensuring consistency and optimal results. Our expert team of lean consultants and support engineers will provide the necessary resources for your manufacturing project's success.

Our Lean Manufacturing Services Include:

Initial Information Request List Prior to Kickoff

Project Management

Reporting Cadence

Work elements/deliverables defined

Management Reviews

Close out procedures

Phase 1: Value Stream Mapping and Kaizen Prioritization

We begin with a value stream mapping of direct and indirect work streams, followed by a kaizen project identification, MODAPTS time studies, and rebalancing of direct and indirect work elements to eliminate waste and right-size labor. We also provide documentation of your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), total predictive maintenance (TPM) process and effectiveness, conveyors, material handling equipment, process equipment, and automation.

lean manufacturing optimization

Phase 2: Hands-On Training and Rapid Improvement Projects

In Phase 2, we focus on hands-on training and use of your tools and templates with TPT engineers. We prioritize kaizens identified in the current state VSM based on quick-hit rapid improvement (RI) projects and minimal CapX projects.

Phase 3: Future State Development and Cycle Line Layout

Phase 3 involves future state development/cycle line layout, where we provide an as-built AutoCAD layout of your facility, a cycle line layout based on your new optimized direct and indirect value streams, and monetize process improvements.

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At TPT, we offer a unique combination of services and tools that no one else can provide, making it an attractive option for any manufacturer. Our services are available as a plug-and-play option for prospective clients. Contact us to learn more about how we can help optimize your business operations and improve your ROI.