Logistics Management: A Beginner’s Guide

Bringing great ideas to life is a process. In order to bring an idea to fruition, logistics management is used by an organization to plan out materials needed for implementation, production and more. Without planning, there’s chaos – and a good chance that the project will never actually get completed.

What Is Logistics Management?

Logistics management is a smaller piece of the larger supply chain operation, the process of efficiently implementing and controlling the flow of goods, services, storage and other related information from origin until consumption. It exists to make the supply chain smoother and more effective. To more simply define it, logistics management is the process of organizing and implementing an operation.

This is the process of work from start to finish, with the objective of meeting both customer and business expectations by integrating the flow of information and its inventory, transportation, materials handling, production packaging, warehousing, and possibly even security. It also deals with resources that could include tangible goods (supplies, materials, equipment, etc.) or consumable items, such as food.

We have broken down logistics management into 3 factors:

1. Production

The manufacturing or obtaining of the materials that are needed to complete a task. The level of supply also needs to be assessed at the different stages to ensure that project needs are met.

2. Distribution and Material Movement

This involves transporting stored materials to where they need to go, including packing, shipping, processing, and storage.

3. Reverse Logistics and Product Return

The is the process of reclaiming excess supplies from a project. It also involves returning unused or unwanted products and how to store or dispose of them.

Logistics Management Services

In order to increase efficiency and optimize the overall process, many businesses choose to work with a logistics management service. This service can plan for every part of the project in order to meet project objectives as effectively as possible. Want to find out how a logistic management service can help your business every step of the way? Contact the Productivity Team and learn more about how we can provide the planning and support needed for your business!

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