Manufacturing & Product Launch Support Services

Our Support Team Assists New Program Launches

We provide our clients with a highly focused support team to assist new program launches. TPT can provide manufacturing launch support services in specialized areas including: materials management, work station flow & design, launch readiness system & criteria, tracking of issues & tasks with escalation reporting, process improvement opportunities, as well as equipment installation and start-up assistance.

Our support team assists new program launches

Presented here is a comprehensive outline delineating the customary manufacturing launch support services extended by our adept teams. These services stand as pillars of assistance, enabling the seamless commencement of our clients' novel program launch undertakings. Encompassing an array of pivotal activities, this outline underscores our commitment to facilitating a successful and well-supported initiation of new programs for our valued clients.

Process Engineering

  • Functional Building Specifications

  • Critical Path Scheduling and Budget Management

  • Conveyor and Equipment Specification Development

  • Lean Layout Development

  • Detailed Workstation Layouts

  • Line Side Materials Display

Launch Support

  • Budget/Schedule and Layout Management

  • Daily Contractor Coordination Meetings

  • On-site Equipment Start-up and Debug Management

  • Program Administration

  • Validate Percent Complete from Contractors

  • Document Control

Program Close-Out

  • Development of Contractor Punch Lists

  • Coordination of Contractor Spare Parts Lists and As-Installed Drawings

  • Provide Ongoing Support on an As-Required Basis

  • Coordination of Vendor/Operator and Management Training Programs.

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