Business Process Documentation Services to Boost Performance

Improve efficiency with a new standardized work plan from TPT's business process analyst.

Industry Needs PDMP

By reviewing your business processes, our analyst will identify possible productivity improvements. This will reduce your manufacturing profit drain. It's important to conduct regular predetermined labor and work balancing time studies.

Launching a new product or a re-rate in production volumes requires initial line balancing and labor studies. Avoid profit drain when shifting into production mode. Tackle non-value-added work, poor OEE.

Our team of business process documentation specialists has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with a variety of industries. Take the best step forward in optimizing your process efficiency and get in touch with our team.

Industry Needs PDMP

The Benefits

Our business process documentation services will improve metrics on the first run-through. We'll also right size indirect and direct labor to support production.

The elimination of non-value-added activities will lead to increased OEE. This will impact monthly P&L and increase morale on the line.

Elements of Business Process Documentation

First, we gather video of current manufacturing operations for MODAPTS time study analysis. We'll validate your current state of operations and process control. This includes PFMEAs, control plans, work instructions, standardized work, and PFEP.

Your current state line balance will highlight value-added work. It will also identify non-value-added (NVA) but necessary work and GoldenZone analysis. We rebalance the current state operations, drop NVA activities and rightsize labor.

Then we will update all process documentation and quarterly reviews. This will continue to drive process and productivity improvements. Quarterly on-site reviews will continue to focus on waste elimination and labor efficiency.

Maximize Efficiency & Profit

Find out how TPT's business process analyst documentation services will provide measurable benefits. Get in touch by clicking the CONTACT US button to learn more about our business consulting services today.