The Purpose of Value Stream Mapping Services

Value stream mapping (VSM) is defined as a lean tool that employs a flowchart documenting every step in the process. Many lean practitioners see VSM as a fundamental tool to identify waste, reduce process cycle times, and implement process improvement. The purpose of value-stream mapping services are to identify and remove or reduce “waste” in value streams, thereby increasing the efficiency of a given value stream. Waste removal is intended to increase productivity by creating leaner operations which in turn make waste and quality problems easier to identify.

A value stream mapping engagement begins with an information and data gathering request from our team. The type of information we ask for is plant layouts, hourly production rates, takt times, plan for every part (PFEP) spreadsheet and a current state cycle line layout. If you do not have all of the information listed above, it is not a problem. We will develop what we need to provide an accurate VSM of your operations.

A plant visit and alignment discussions with stakeholders is crucial in establishing goals, objectives and agreement of deliverables. The deliverable is a graphical representation of the current state of operations with future Kaizen events identified for rapid process and productivity improvements. We work with the process stakeholders during the Kaizen events and ensure the transfer of knowledge to process stakeholders for future sustainability and continuous improvement initiatives.

Any company regardless of the industry can benefit from utilizing VSM through the identification of bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and wastes. TPT provides VSM services to the following industries but is not limited to: Automotive OEMs and suppliers, Healthcare, Consumer goods manufacturing and Food.

We are a manufacturing engineering firm with extensive knowledge of multiple sectors. We have been using value stream mapping (VSM) for over 16 years and our engineers are truly hands-on. We pride ourselves on transferring knowledge to our client’s stakeholders on every engagement.

We have successfully completed and implemented hundreds of Value Stream Mapping and Kaizen engagements for multiple sectors i.e. Healthcare, Automotive, Consumer Goods, and Heavy Equipment manufacturers.

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