Professional Manufacturing Process Improvement Consultants

Experienced engineering and manufacturing process improvement consultants.

Increase Your Bottom Line with Quality and Process Improvement Services

At The Productivity Team, we understand that each business and organization is unique. You already have your own systems and processes in place.

Designing and manufacturing high-quality parts each time is key. You want to maintain customer satisfaction. It also helps keep your profit margins high.

The Productivity Team provides manufacturers with engineering, manufacturing, and material requirements planning. Keep your business running well.

We've worked with clients from a variety of industries. This includes defense companies to the automotive industry.

To learn more about our process improvement consulting services, contact our office today.

Increase Your Bottom Line With Quality and Process Improvement Services

Comprehensive Process Improvement Services

We start with advanced product quality planning (APQP) engineering support. We follow that with the prototype and production part approval process (PPAP). This ensures that your manufacturing systems and methods can produce an error-free product.

Some of our process improvement solutions include:

Statistical Process Control (SPC), Design of Experiments (DOE)

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Identifying process inefficiencies and areas for improvement

Understanding the current and future state flow of product from inbound receiving through finished goods shipping

Improving or eliminating process shortcomings

Minimize inventories and lineside materials replenishment

Improving overall materials delivery to the operator

Includes Poke-a-Yoke, signage and error-proofing methods and equipment

Organizing the workplace for the operators

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Industries Served

Industries Served

Industries Served

Every company can and will benefit from a first run through improvement initiative. Here at TPT, we proudly provide business process improvement consulting to the following industries but are certainly not limited to:

  • Other manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Defense/Security

We pride ourselves in the documented success stories of our clients from different industries.

How Our Process Works

Step 1.

Connect With Our Office

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Step 2.

We Assess Your Facility 

We'll get to know you and your organization. We want to understand your current operations and process shortcomings. 

Step 2.

Step 3.

We Provide You With Our Recommendations

Experience an increase in output and a reduction in overall cost once you implement our methods. We'll provide you with a visual Value Stream Map (VSM) and a report that includes our recommendations and proposed timeline. 

Step 3.

Connect With TPT Today to Improve Your Processes

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