Engineering Staffing Services

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Professional Engineering Staffing Services

The Productivity Team offers engineering staffing services to connect quality candidates with clients needing to fill open positions within their organization. Clients often come directly to The Productivity Team with specific hiring requests knowing that we have the expertise and ability to find appropriately qualified candidates within a reasonable amount of time.

Our professional staffing coordinators are organized and equipped to source candidates and see them through the hiring process seamlessly. Our clients will also give our staffing group access to their job/hiring portals and our team will regularly submit resumes of viable candidates to active postings. We can recruit and secure candidates with any skill set or qualifications our clients require; part-time, full-time, contract or direct hire.

Professional Engineering Staffing Services

Staffing Solutions

The Productivity Team has a staff of 150 full-time engineers that can be deployed within 5 business days to support your immediate needs. We also have internal recruiters to effectively identify, pre-screen, and staff your current job openings.

Professional Contract Engineering Labor Services

Expert Operations and Engineering Contract Staffing Services

We understand it's difficult to find qualified manufacturing engineers and operations personnel. You might only need these individuals for short periods of time. That makes hiring full-time employees a drain on your finances and resources.

At TPT, we can provide your organization with experienced engineering and operations employees. We can support your goals and needs.

Staffing Solutions to Support Your Specific Needs

Flexible Direct Hire Staffing Services for Manufacturers

Direct hire staffing is the ideal choice for clients looking to fill a long-term position opening at their company. It focuses on filling full-time positions that usually come with benefits.

The Productivity Team offers direct hire staffing solutions with defined schedules and deliverables. Our team of dedicated staffing coordinators will work tirelessly to find our clients the ideal fit for their contract opening.

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Controls Staffing Services to Complete Your Upcoming Project

Project controls can add significant value to programs and projects if performed correctly. At The Productivity Team, we can help you develop a project controls staffing plan. We'll work together to define, plan, schedule, and budget the work that needs to be performed.

No matter your type of program or project, the same project controls principles apply. Each project control requires a different level of skills and expertise. An experienced and qualified project controls team will produce the correct results for each assignment.

Comprehensive Facilities Staffing Services

Find Talent with Facilities Management Recruitment Agency

At The Productivity Team, we've worked with some of the leading companies in the country. We help them fill their open personnel positions. Our team is focused on helping you fill difficult industrial sector jobs in the facilities services field. We've worked with companies to build entire teams from the ground up.

Partner With an Expert Quality Engineering Staffing Agency

Hire an Experienced Quality Assurance or Quality Engineer

Have you spent weeks trying to find highly qualified quality assurance and quality control professionals? It can be challenging to determine what a good QC/QA professional would look like for your company. Finding the right individual to work with for your critical projects is like solving a puzzle.

At The Productivity Team, we help you solve your quality assurance and quality control hiring puzzle. While your challenges are unique, we have the expertise to process and understand your needs. We have an extensive network of quality engineering and quality assurance professionals. Let us help you put the pieces together.

Comprehensive Industrial Engineering Staffing Services

Partner with Engineering Recruiters to Find Quality Talent

Industrial engineering is focused on continually improving processes. Industrial engineers help increase the efficiency of your organization's engineering departments. They do this by eliminating unnecessary waste. Companies can become more competitive by trimming their fat and working smarter.

As an industrial engineering recruitment agency, we look for industrial engineering candidates with the certificates required by our clients.

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TPT is the leading provider of facility planning and engineering services. Contact us today to speak with one of our planning and engineering specialists.