Industrial Engineering Consulting Services

Facilities Engineering

A manufacturing facility is an integral component of the overall manufacturing system. Facilities must be able to support the process they contain. The greatest opportunity to fully optimize the facility and process relationship is during the initial block layout development analysis. Determining the number of shipping and receiving docks, their locations, external and in-plant material storage and material handling methods all play an important role in an efficient operation. Utility requirements, kit-loading specifications and preliminary floor layouts are compiled into a functional and effective building design.

Industrial Engineering

The ability for companies to right- size labor quickly to address changes in production is key to driving costs out of operations or for increasing throughput.

Through the use of predetermined time study tools (MODAPTS and MTM) and other industrial engineering methods, TPT’s experienced engineers are capable of driving inefficiencies out of manufacturing processes and apply the appropriate amount of Direct and Indirect labor to support our client’s operational plan.

Quality Engineering

Producing a quality part, the first time and every time, is the key to customer satisfaction and to a manufacturer’s profit margins.

TPT provides hands-on quality engineering and improvement services to diverse manufacturing clientele.

Our services begin with providing Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) engineering support followed by the Prototype and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) to ensure the manufacturing systems and error-proofing methods are capable of producing a quality product.

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