Workforce Optimization Services

A Typical Process Optimization Project

The following is an outline of a typical workforce optimization project:

Baseline Assessment

  • Videotaping of manufacturing operations or on-site predetermined time study data collection

  • Factory Flow analysis of fork truck drivers and material handling personnel

  • Development of a current state time study for existing operations

  • Identify safety and ergonomic issues for future analysis and recommendations

  • Development of a current state cycle line layout for the manufacturing operations

  • Development of baseline metrics for future comparative analysis to an optimized future state Direct and Indirect Labor plan

A Typical Labor Optimization Project
Future State Plan Development

Future State Plan Development

  • Rebalancing of manufacturing and assembly content focused on the elimination of non-value-added activities which include the following:

    • Defects
    • Overproduction
    • Waiting
    • Not utilizing talent
    • Transportation
    • Inventory excess
    • Motion waste Excess processing

  • Correct any identified ergonomic or safety issues from the baseline assessment

  • Development of a future state cycle line layout that identifies to the optimal Required to Operate (RTO) indirect and direct labor plan

  • Update all process documentation to support the new lean and efficient plan

  • Train operators on their new work assignments


  • Provide hands-on implementation support

Workforce optimization is about creating a harmonious balance between efficient business operations and a healthy, productive workforce. It requires a strategic approach that considers various aspects of workforce management and leverages data to make informed decisions.

Successful workforce optimization can lead to significant improvements in business performance, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement.


Please refer to our Process Documentation Maintenance Program (PDMP) to support future continuous improvement initiatives and future Quality Audits.

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