Engineering Consulting Industries Served

Aerospace Manufacturers

Expert Aerospace Manufacturing Facility Design Services

Aerospace manufacturing companies face unique challenges when it comes to cost-effectively testing and producing high-quality aircraft and parts. At The Productivity Team, our expert engineers can help you improve the facility design of your aerospace manufacturing facility so you can boost productivity while lowering costs. This allows you to offer better quality products to your clients while boosting your bottom line. Contact us today to learn more.

automotive assembly consulting firm

Engineering Automotive Consulting Services in Detroit, MI

The Productivity Team is a leading automotive assembly consulting firm based in Detroit, Michigan. We are a global leader in the automotive industry that develops effective engineering solutions for products and services to thrive in the automotive ecosystem.

Typically, we serve automotive executive recruiters, human resource managers, engineers, tier 1 suppliers, analysts, technical positions, and manufacturing companies. Our services include lean automotive manufacturing, process improvement services, and program management, including a budget, schedule, layout contract coordination, and contracted labor.

defense manufacturing engineering services

Professional Defense Manufacturing Engineering Services

We provide you with cost-effective prototype designs for armored defense vehicle manufacturing. We also adopt a certified, collaborative design process that complies with all industry quality and safety standards. Our large, self-contained, and secure production facility allows us to complete all components of your project in a single place. Everything is done without leaving the premises.
The Coming Transformation in the Automotive Industry

Automotive Supply Chain Consultant Services in Detroit, MI

The automotive industry is currently experiencing a major transformation that’s driven by product and processing technology shifts. This transformation involves all aspects of the automotive value chain, from suppliers, dealers, OEMs, and aftermarket players to new mobility players and advanced technology in the sector.

The growing influence of autonomous, electric vehicles is paving the way for a new era in transportation. Because of these changes, automotive suppliers must rethink their strategies as they can no longer focus on traditional activities within the value chain. Instead, they need to consider a comprehensive business strategy with a renewed focus on investments, customers, and all other important aspects of their organization.

Quality Management and Manufacturing Efficiency Improvement

Manufacturing Engineering for Quality, High-ROI Products

Manufacturers must follow strict guidelines to remain compliant with federal regulations. While it can be costly to maintain the quality that these guidelines require, it is an essential part of running a successful business. TNT can help you manage these standards at a fraction of the cost.

If you find yourself at a point where you know your operational costs can be lower, contact TNT for help. We can conduct an assessment of your business to pinpoint areas where we can improve efficiency. This increased efficiency will have a direct effect on lowering your operational costs.

What Services Do We Cover?

Transportation and Equipment Services For Your Business

At The Productivity Team, we provide transportation industry consulting to 3PL Logistics companies and Heavy Construction Equipment companies. For years, we have dedicated our business to making yours thrive. Our transportation and equipment consulting team achieves transformations across the postal and parcel, rail, shipping, and logistics industries. Our approach positions companies for success in the face of current challenges.

In addition, if you deal with Consumer Goods, we are equipped to optimize your warehousing, cross-docking processes, and more. Having experience in several unique manufacturing environments enables TPT to give our clients a broad perspective on manufacturing methods that would be applicable to their unique situations.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Material Planning and Logistics Services

TPT is the leading provider of facility planning and engineering services. Contact us today to speak with one of our planning and engineering specialists.