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Manufacturing Materials Planning & Logistics Services

The following is an outline of the typical manufacturing materials planning and logistics services TPT provides to Automotive OEM’s and Suppliers as well as Consumer Products Warehousing Operations. We utilize the Plan for Every Part (PFEP) methodology. 

Logistics and Sequencing/Kitting Center Planning and Design Services
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Facility Master Planning
  • Greenfield/Brownfield Facility Design
  • Plan for Every Part (PFEP) Development
  • Material Handling System Design
  • Assembly Process Design
  • Plant Communication Systems
  • Sequencing & Kitting Strategy
  • Kanban System Designs
Logistics and Sequencing/Kitting Center Operations Support
  • Material Flow Simulations
  • Predetermined Time Studies
  • Rightsizing of Labor
  • Waste Elimination
  • Layout Optimization
  • Material Flow Optimization
  • Standardized Work Development
  • Operator Work Instructions Development
Warehouse Planning and Design Services
  • Warehouse Consolidation Studies
  • Warehouse Expansion Studies
  • Benchmarking Best in Class Operations
  • Gap Analysis
  • Layout Optimization
  • Min/Max Inventory Analysis
  • Material Handling Methods
  • Flow Optimization
Warehouse Operations Support
  • Optimized Storage Density
  • Right-Sizing of Labor
  • Waste Elimination
  • Predetermined Time Studies
  • Optimization of Pick & Pack Processes
  • FIFO Strategies & Analysis
  • Inventory Turns Analysis
  • Seasonal Adjustment Strategies
For more information on our Plan For Every Part (PFEP) consulting services and how we can help you with your manufacturing facility materials planning, contact us today!

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