PDMP – Process Documentation Maintenance Program

The Productivity Team is excited to introduce a new packaged services offering, PDMP! The Process Documentation Maintenance Program is a packaged service that TPT  engineers and business development professionals designed to attack profit drain before a manufacturer is too deep in to a build and a “do whatever is necessary” approach begins to erode profitability.

Why the Need for PDMP:
  • Most companies do not conduct predetermined labor and work balancing time studies on a regular basis
  • Initial line balancing and labor studies are performed once when a new product is launched or if there is a re-rate in production volumes
  • Profit drain occurs when the manufacturer shifts in to production mode. Workarounds begin to occur and that mindset drives non-value-added work, poor OEE, and reductions in First Run Through
Benefits of PDMP:
  • Improved metrics on First Run Through
  • Optimized Indirect and Direct Labor to support production
  • Increased OEE
  • Meaningful impact on monthly P&L
What Does PDMP Include:
  • Video of current manufacturing/assembly operations for MODAPTS time study analysis
  • Process validation of your current state operations and process control including: PFMEAs, Control Plans, Work Instructions, Standardized Work and PFEP
  • Current State line balance highlighting Value Added, Non-Value Added, Non-Value Added but Necessary Work and GoldenZone analysis for each operation
  • A re-balance of the current state operations focused on the elimination of NVA activities and rightsizing of direct and indirect labor to support future state
  • Update of all process documentation and quarterly reviews to continue to drive process and productivity improvements

for companies of all sizes and at all stages
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