Case Studies

International Automotive Component

General Description

  • IAC, a global Tier I Automotive Supplier in interiors, was experiencing significant quality rejections which resulted in high PPMs and cost to their facilities
  • TPT was asked to provide operational, and quality engineering support to analyze the current state and create a relationship with their customer, Ford; to implement proposed changes; provide communication/ feedback to IAC and Ford to sustain a solid relationship and to meet the quality goals of IAC


  • Participate with IAC Quality team during investigation of emerging quality concerns
  • Conduct surveillance audits in the assembly plant for incoming quality to the assembly line
  • Participate with Ford IQ, PVT and STA meetings to address and assure quality standards are met and report back to IAC
  • Train plant QREs on manufacturing process and problem-solving skills
  • Review current work instructions and prepare manufacturing assessment of all work stations in plant operations
  • Identify constraints and develop containment and root cause analysis
  • Make suggestions to increase production repeatability of good quality
  • Create quality tracking system used by


  • Reduced written quality rejects from 20/week to < 10/week in a period of 3 months
  • 50% reduction in written concerns
  • Increase IAC quality rating of PPM and cost savings over $400,000 in supplier charge backs

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