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PPAP 101

August 31, 2022

PPAP is a procedure companies use to ensure that the quality of parts manufactured by suppliers is up to standard. PPAP is an acronym for Product Part Approval Process. It ensures the manufacture and supply of parts are consistent. PPAP originates from the automotive and aerospace manufacturing industry. PPAP involves an 18-step process to ensure…

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APQP Top Requirements

August 24, 2022

APQP is an acronym for Advanced Product Quality Planning. APQP is all about making use of customer opinion and expectations during product planning. It involves clearly understanding what customers want from a product and then planning accordingly to meet their expectations. APQP is especially useful for companies involved in producing new and improved products. These…

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Top Ten Tips for Mastering Lean Manufacturing

August 17, 2022

In today’s world, the manufacturing process has become complex, and mass production of goods has presented a number of challenges. While some businesses thrived by making a lot of money, others struggled because they can’t comprehend how to cut costs and increase productivity. Many manufacturers are attempting to master lean manufacturing in order to overcome…

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contract work vs direct hire

Contract Work vs Direct Hire: Which Is Best for You?

August 10, 2022

There are various forms of staff recruitment methods. Some organizations use a direct hire system, while some use contract systems. The two systems of employment are effective depending on the needs of the company. How do you know which of the two is best for your organization? In this article, we discuss the differences in…

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How TPT Is Supporting The Fight Against COVID-19

April 20, 2020

The Productivity Team is giving back during the fight against COVID-19 by offering free Manufacturing Engineering Consulting Services to companies that are looking to retool their facilities to produce medical supplies and equipment at this time. Please read the following message from our President: To learn more about how TPT is responding to the situation…

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The Productivity Team – Industrial, Manufacturing & Facilities Engineering

December 17, 2018

Assess · Develop · Implement The Productivity Team is an industrial, manufacturing, and facilities engineering services company dedicated to providing first-class support and guidance to all manufacturers. We currently work within the Automotive, Automotive Tier Suppliers, Aerospace & Defense, Consumer Product Manufacturing, and other specialty manufacturing companies to increase efficiency and improve quality in order…

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The 2018 American Manufacturing Summit

February 16, 2018

TPT will be sponsoring the American Manufacturing Summit, on March 27-28, 2018, in Lombard, IL. We hope you can join us! The Manufacturing Summit serves as an annual platform to exchange ideas around the impact of market dynamics and new technologies for current and future manufacturing, operations and supply chain leaders. This year’s Summit creates…

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Manufacturing Operations – Understanding the Link to Profitability

February 5, 2018

TPT’s Director of Operations, Paul Fontaine, gave a talk at the 2017 American Automotive Summit on Manufacturing Operations – Understanding the Link to Profitability. Watch the video to learn: How to measure and sustain operational excellence How to link manufacturing performance to the P&L: Monetizing and understanding OEE losses How industry challenges, resource shortages, compressed…

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