Case Studies

Eclipse Aviation

General Description

  • Eclipse Aviation, a start-up manufacturer of very light jets, had many critical supply chain issues which continually impacted productivity including parts shortages, traveled work, and non-conforming materials
  • Eclipse’s management realized that they were not capable of predicting supply chain capabilities and capacity with any degree of certainty and asked TPT to come in and set up the necessary, daily procedures to achieve proper material flow


  • Set up detailed production schedule definition and communication of schedule to suppliers
  • Perform supplier audits and set up a regular schedule
  • Create supply chain portal including dashboard and scorecards
  • Select (4) suppliers for red-to-green development
  • Configuration management support for suppliers


Reduced line-down conditions from an average of over 4 per week to < 1 per week in a period of 3 months increasing production by > 40%

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