Case Studies


General Description

  • Headcount reduction in operations (including manufacturing and materials)
  • Improve throughput in assembly lines
  • Improve line side delivery of parts to line
  • Eliminate stoppage due to late delivery of parts


  • Reduced overall headcount by 12%, increased units/head 18% and reduced internal inventories by 24%
  • Developed and implemented new work standards and work instructions in manufacturing and materials departments
  • Developed and implemented new assembly line layouts on all assembly lines
  • Developed and implemented new warehousing footprint and routes for all material handlers
  • Developed new production schedule to maximize throughput and reduce changeovers
  • Developed and implemented new training


  • TPT transformed the Nashville Assembly Plant by creating a new manufacturing footprint, maximizing efficiency and reducing internal inventory
  • Set standards to reduce manpower and improve internal and external quality concerns

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