Case Studies

Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

General Description

  • This heavy equipment manufacturer is in the process of setting up new facilities around the world to meet heavy demands for mining equipment
  • TPT was engaged to create a “Global” assembly process to optimize build flow including build sequence, suggested manning, tooling requirements, and material flow
  • TPT would document the improved build process and then assist in transferring the knowledge to help set up plants in Europe, South America, and Asia
heavy equiment


  • Document standard work, perform MODAPTS to optimize times required per operation and implement changes
  • Develop the optimized build sequence
  • Create a document and process that would allow this heavy equipment manufacturer to duplicate the processes at new facilities being built in China, Brazil and Belgium
  • Implement and train engineers from the new facilities


TPT delivered plant start-up documentation and improved throughput from 3.7 to 7.8 units/day allowing for $160 million in additional throughput

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