Case Studies

Orbital Sciences

General Description

Orbital Sciences was selected as the US assembly partner for the Iridium 2 Satellite project

This included an aggressive launch schedule which facilitated the need to go from a stall build environment producing one satellite every two-three months to the ability to produce four satellites in a single month

TPT was asked to provide as assembly plan including plant floor layout, manning, station readiness and material flow concepts in order for Orbital to make this happen



  • Work with manufacturing engineering to develop the required standard work for a new satellite build project
  • Create concept floor layout to align with new standard work
  • Create new man assignments and supporting documentation
  • Create work standard MODAPTS studies based upon the man assignments and the floor layout
  • Using the MODAPTS studies and the layout to create simulations for “proof of concept”


Through simulation and line balancing, TPT helped Orbital achieve the goal of producing 4 satellites per month within the same manufacturing footprint

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